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Some of you who followed our Clean Seas Odyssey may be wondering whether it was a one-hit-wonder or whether we intend to continue our fight for the health of our seas. The truth is that we remain utterly committed to doing our part to protect our planet and its oceans.

Following our journey in 2018, we held Clean Seas Odyssey Week Portland Marina in 2019 and have gone on to provide advice based on our experience to companies.


If you would like us to join your event, to share what we have learned about plastic pollution with your group or audience, we'd love you to get in touch!

If you'd like to sail with us as part of a future voyage of the Clean Seas Odyssey, we're really keen to hear from you too. Drop us a line via the form below.

Join the Crew

Boat Crew

Inspired by what we do and want to join us on a future adventure as part of the Clean Seas Odyssey?

The COVID pandemic means that we aren't able to resume any sailing with mixed groups of people at the moment. We're hopeful that in the future we'll be able to plan and sail another adventure, recovering more plastic and educating ourselves and others about plastic pollution.

Drop us your contact details here and we'll add you to our crew list.

Your Crew

We've run sailing events and talks since our expeditionary voyage to share and inspire. If you'd like us to join your event via sail, or to talk to your group about what we have learned about plastic pollution, do let us know!


Donations & Sponsorship


At the moment this project is being funded by our passion and our savings. We're happy to do it but a little extra sure would help.


Every penny helps us to keep discovering and sharing more information about sea plastics with the widest possible audience.

With your donations we can also plan and sail another you the opportunity to join us as crew!

Individual or

Corporate Sponsors

If you are a donor who can afford to offer a little bit more we would really appreciate your help.


Please get in touch and we'll talk about how we can arrange a special thank you.


Perhaps you can join us on board in harbour, come sailing for a day or maybe we could be flying your flag!

Contact Us by Post, Phone, Email or Social Media

Rebecca Sykes or Nick Beck


c/o The Harbourmaster

Bucklers Hard Yacht Harbour




SO42 7XB.


Tel: 0800 773 4264


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