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We LOVE our coasts and seas,

but they are being CHOKED

by plastic waste

Sailing to #SaveOurSeas

Plastic waste is choking our coastlines and seas, but what can we do about it?

We’re on a voyage of discovery aboard the Amelie Rose, learning more about plastic pollution and exploring potential solutions to this crisis.


Join us, and let’s learn together how to #SaveOurSeas.


About the Project

In 2018, we sailed the Amelie Rose with a volunteer crew around the English Channel, stopping at harbours along the way.


Each time we dropped the anchor the crew took part in beach cleans, talked to activists, scientists and researchers from the area, and also found out what local businesses were doing about the sea-plastics crisis. We shared what they learned via our social media feeds and even had a poet sharing crowd-sourced haiku each day!

Our interactive map below shows the places we visited on our circular route around the channel starting and ending in our home port of Beaulieu.


Together we hoped to answer key questions about where plastic pollution is coming from, where it ends up, what damage it causes and how we can deal with it.

In 2019, we started sharing what we had learned and we were pleased to announce we held Clean Seas Odyssey Week at Portland Marina, Dorset from

19th to 25th August as part of their 10th birthday celebrations.

If you'd like us to share what we learned during our odyssey with your business, school or community group, please get in touch.

CSO Map.jpg

2018 Destinations & Dates Ashore

Bucklers Hard: 2nd - 3rd Jun

Poole Hbr Boat Show: 8th - 10th Jun

Plymouth (Sutton Hbr): 16th - 17th Jun

Falmouth Classics: 22nd - 24th Jun

Isles of Scilly: 29th Jun - 8th Jul 

Mousehole Sea Salt & Sail: 13th - 15th Jul

Douarnenez Temps Fete: 25th - 29th July

Fete des Vieux Greements - Paimpol:

10th - 12th Aug

St Peter Port: 17th - 19th Aug

Brighton: 24th - 26th Aug

Solent TBA: 31st Aug - 2nd Sep

Sailing Legs and Dates

Bucklers Hard - Poole: 3rd - 10th Jun

Poole - Plymouth: 10th - 17th Jun

Plymouth - Falmouth: 17th - 24th Jun

Falmouth - Isles of Scilly: 24th Jun - 1st Jul

Isles of Scilly Week: 1st - 8th Jul

Isles of Scilly - Mousehole: 8th - 15th Jul

Mousehole - Douarnenez: 15th - 29th Jul

Douarnenez - Paimpol: 29th Jul - 12th Aug

Paimpol - St Peter Port: 12th - 19th Aug

St Peter Port - Brighton: 19th - 26th Aug

Brighton - Solent: 26th Aug - 2nd Sep

How You Can Join in



Drop us a line if you are interested to join us for future voyages on our Clean Seas Odyssey

Become a


Help with the cost of the project by making a donation or contacting us to discuss other options.

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What's New

We met some amazing people and learned loads in 2018. We are now walking the talk in our day-to-day lives and still learning from those who are ensuring our seas are safe. It was such a whirlwind adventure, we did not have time to publish everything we found, so keep a watch here for our emerging videos, blogs and pictures. 


We are sharing everything that we learn and do on social media and in our logbook.

You can see the latest postings below and bookmark this page to check back easily.

 Instagram Pictures 

 Videos from YouTube 

Extreme Beach Cleans with Oleta Forde

Extreme Beach Cleans with Oleta Forde
Extreme Beach Cleans with Oleta Forde

Extreme Beach Cleans with Oleta Forde

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Openboat: Showing off our beachclean finds from St Agnes, Isles of Scilly

Openboat: Showing off our beachclean finds from St Agnes, Isles of Scilly

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Farewell Scilly

Farewell Scilly

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 Latest Logbook Entries 

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