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Saturday 9th June: Poole Harbour Boat Show - Day Two

Saturday dawned sunny and it certainly seemed to draw in the crowds with over 30 folks clambering aboard to have a look around the boat and talk to us about the perils of sea-plastic. We were joined by one of our volunteers Peter, who is our some-times resident recycling and waste management expert - having worked for most of his career in the waste management industry. Peter will be joining us full time for a couple of weeks later in the month and we're looking forward to sharing his thoughts and insights.

Peter retrieving a plastic bottle from Poole Harbour to show that plastic pollution is here on our shores too

We were also visited on Saturday by a Miss Dorset contestant, who impressed us with her knowledge about issues with plastic straws (which had been her talk at the pageant) and also with her incredibly fluffy footwear. Indeed one of the most heartening things that we found during the show was the number of younger folks who were both aware of the sea plastic problem and understood some of the ways that they could act to help to deal with it.

Later on we were hailed from ashore by Bee Woodland - who it turns out is both an ardent environmentalist and the assistant manager at Dean and Readyhoff’s Portland Marina. She was really keen to help out with the project and offered to put a word in with her boss to offer us a free berth as we passed through Portland on the way to our next stop in Plymouth. The very next morning this was all confirmed and this seems to have started a trend (more of which later). It’s really fantastic to see how people are reacting to the project, with lots of people really keen to do what they can to help us on the way.

The day was topped off with fireworks over Poole harbour and beautiful though they were, I literally shuddered to think what the marine life thought of the bangs overhead as we could feel them through the hull.

Running Totals

Odyssey Log: 26.7 nm.

Total Engine Hours: 6 hours.

Visitors aboard = 61

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