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Some of you who followed last year's Clean Seas Odyssey may be wondering whether it was a one-hit-wonder or whether we intend to continue our fight for the health of our seas. The truth is that we remain utterly committed to doing our part to protect our planet and its oceans.

We are pleased to announce Clean Seas Odyssey Week at Dean and Reddyhoff's Portland Marina in Dorset as part of their 10th birthday celebrations.


Clean Seas Odyssey will be there from Monday 19th August to Sunday 25th August 2019 so come join us for a sail, a beach clean and get involved in our conversation about the challenges of sea plastic pollution and what we can do to solve it.

We’re really excited to be adding another chapter to our Clean Seas Odyssey and hope that you can come along to chat about plastic pollution in our seas and what we can all do about it. Come and join us!

Join the Crew

Boat Crew

Come and learn why we love the sea! At Portland there is the opportunity to experience taster sails on Amelie Rose, our this traditionally rigged pilot cutter and get involved in some citizen science. 

Each afternoon (Monday through Friday) we’ll be heading out for a short taster sail, leaving at 1300hrs and arriving back at 1600hrs. Tickets for this are £25, so there’s no excuse for not trying out the Amelie Rose experience!

On Saturday we will be doing a longer day sail followed by drinks on board. Join the boat at 0900hrs and returning to Portland at 1600hrs for post sail drinks until 1700hrs. Tickets are £95.

Shore Crew

Sunday will see the crew join the Big Beach Clean Event that is being run by the Portland Team – kicking off at 1000 and running until 1600.


Check out the details on the Portland Week website... 

Tales from the Sea

We met some amazing people last year who shared their stories and their knowledge with us. We want to share their stories and ours with you. After all, who doesn't love a good ol' yarn...

We’ll also be giving a talk about our Clean Seas Odyssey in the “Talks in the Tent” venue at 1800hrs on Monday 19th August.

Check out the Portland Week website for latest news...


Donations & Sponsorship


At the moment this project is being funded by our passion and our savings. We're happy to do it but a little extra sure would help.


Every penny helps us to keep discovering and sharing more information about sea plastics with the widest possible audience. Extra money also allows us to provide subsidised berths for people with the skills to help, but not the means to pay, and any funds left over at the end of the project will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

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Individual or

Corporate Sponsors

If you are a donor who can afford to offer a little bit more we would really appreciate your help.


Please get in touch and we'll talk about how we can arrange a special thank you.


Perhaps you can join us on board in harbour, come sailing for a day or maybe we could be flying your flag!

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